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Average Dairy Farm Growth Rate from PastureBase Ireland for the week ending 31/08/2016

Posted: 01 Sep 2016

Average growth rate on dairy farms across the country is staying very strong at 65 kg dry matter/day. Some of this strong growth is likely to be compensatory growth on land that was suffering from drought and received rain last week. The first of September is a key date in the calendar for building autumn grass. There should be 300 kg grass DM/cow on the grazing platform today and the rotation length should be extended to 30 days. If grass is short, it is better to feed silage now to allow grass covers to build up while grass growth remains high. Heavy rain forecast for the weekend is likely to be welcome in the drier parts of the country but could lead to difficult grazing conditions in the midlands and the west if the forecast is correct. It’s important to continue to maximize the proportion of grass in the cows diet, if sufficient grass is available on the farm. The next week is the last opportunity to get reseeding done for 2016. Aim for a 10 day turnaround to get seed in before the middle of September. Temperatures are remaining mild so it is a good opportunity to get reseeding done if ground conditions allow.